Artist Statement

Rochelle Wise

My name is Rochelle Skeem Wise. I suppose myself to be a gifted empath and a symbolic artist. I feel other people’s feelings a great deal, even from a distance. Many of my friends are also intuitive and artistic. I think good deals of artists are, it’s not uncommon. I think art has become an incredible tool to express feelings and a way to sort my soul out. While I’m painting I feel at peace and I feel like I’m witnessing something mysterious working through me. I almost feel as if my pictures just flow through me making themselves.

My work has become a way to express feelings. It helps with discernment, and it gives me a way to see what is inside of me and what it looks like. I amazed to watch piece as it develops. I keep an art journal; I fill it with pictures, poetry and feelings. I later go back and look at my pictures. I often pick out pictures that still carry energy for me. I often pick the ones that call to me to be worked on…. I now have a huge variety of pictures I want to work on. I work on my art just every minute that I can spare to do it….Life is a challenge, but art is my passion so I make a great deal of time.

I enjoy messing around in new mediums. Right now I work in deep bas reliefs painted in acrylic and oils. I am also playing in stained glass. I have some exciting ideas for this medium on the verge  of being created.

I am a highly symbolic artist, with flowing lines, bright colors, and I tend to use the female form a lot. I can tell you this is because many of my pictures are about my own personal interactions with intense feelings.

Some of my pictures are a bit shocking. Odd ways to express myself come up and I like to run with them. It’s fun to witness the variety of reactions I get out of people for my work. People all see their own battles and issues, you would not believe the variety of reactions that people come up with. Sometime messages that I feel are so clear in my pictures get distorted into another person’s interpretation. Sometimes the interpretation is completely opposite or out of perception that I intended. Either way I absolutely love it. That’s what real art is supposed to do anyway… It’s all personal and if you can get people to think or feel at all you’ve done something wonderful.