Artist Resume


Rochelle Wise is vivacious artist. Born into a long legacy of family artists, she began painting at a very young age.  

Rochelle is a unique sculptor/ painter with a very emotional style. Sculpture, texture, thick paint and bright colors are often her signature. She is a Graduate Artist who has completed her formal education, has built an Art Studio and is now working on her art full time.  She also is serving as President of The Utah County Art Board. She is passionately driven working unceasingly on her art. She also a great team player and leader and is an excellent collaborator on large projects.


  • Utah Valley University B.S. Art and Visual Communication  2010

          Fine Art: Oil Painting, Acrylic, Figure Drawing, Art History

  • Utah Valley University Associate Degree 2004
  • Personal Studies

Bas-Relief Paintings Body Casting, Porcelian clays, Portraits, Air Brush, Photography, Silversmithing, Lapidary Stone, Stone carving, Stained glass, Oil painting, Acrylic, Landscapes etc.


  • 2017 State Fair, Professional Sculpture

          Best Of Show, Sweepstakes

  • 2016 State Fair, Professional Sculpture

First Place

  • 2016 Utah County Spring Art Show

Third Place

  • 2014  Studio Building Grant
  • 2010 Bamberger Scholarship
  • 2009 Bamberger Scholarship
  • 1997  Utah Valley University Side Walk Art

        First Place

  • 1997 Utah Valley University Student Exhibit          

         Honorable Mention

  • 1991 Utah Valley University Full Tuition Scholarship
  • 1990  County and State Fairs, Sweepstakes


  • 2013-2019 Collectors and Galleries
  • 2015 Cindy Rae Spokane, WA
  • 2014 Kim Fox Provo, Utah
  • 2013 Darin Clay, New Canaan, CT
  • 2012-2015 Bill Jun, Draper, UT
  • 2010  Dr. Paul Jensen, Linden, UT
  • 2009 Lynette Butcher Ph.D., Pasco WA
  • 2008 Hillcrest Elementary School Collection, Orem UT
  • 2007  Randy Piano, Orem UT
  • 2006 Cirque Lodge Treatment Center, Orem UT

Exhibits and Galleries

  • Tree Gallery 2019, Orem Utah
  • Zion’s Show 2017, Provo Utah
  • MBank UVU Alumni Show 2017-2018
  • Utah State Fair 2016-2017
  • Utah County Health and Justice Gallery

    various Art Shows 2016-2019

  • Dancing Crane 2016-2019, SLC, Ut
  • Woodbury Gallery, 2015 Alumni Show
  • Lotus, Draper Ut 2014-2019
  • Timeless Image, Provo Dec 2012
  • Lotus, Draper Nov 2012(solo show)
  • Leslie Loham Museum, New York City, April 2012
  • Pride Fair, June 2012
  • Arts in the Park, Orem 2011
  • Farmers Market, Orem 2011
  • Belle Gallery, Linden May-Dec 2010
  • F Stop Café, Orem, April-May 2010

         “Identity,” Utah Valley University Senior Show

  • Terra Nova Gallery, Provo, Nov 2009
  • Arts In The Park, Orem, Aug 2009
  • Terra Nova Gallery, Provo, Aug-Nov 2008

         Plein Air

  • Down Town Business Alliance, Provo, March-July 2007
  • Springville Museum of Art, “Spiritual Exhibition,” Nov-Dec 2006
  • Painted Temple, Provo, May-Aug 2006

         Time and Space

  • Sugarhouse Cafe, Salt Lake City, Aug-Nov 2005
  • Beverly Beasley, Woodbury Gallery, Orem, Feb-March 2005

         “In and Out,”

  • Utah Valley University Library, Jan-Feb 2005

         “Inhibitions and Emotions”

  • Showing  Of Utah/ Fall Utah County, Oct-Nov 2004
  • Utah Valley University, Library Nov-Jan 2001-2002   

Other Large Projects:

  • 2012-2014 Personal Art Studio
  • 2012-2013 Assisted the making and exhibitions of “Liberty” by Inez Harward, and Traveled to Hayfork, CA to display the World’s Largest Tie Dye in assembling a large walk –through dispay.  Hundreds of hours of work.
  • Built our Home in 2009-2010
  • Unbridled   2012 Large commission Painting 5’x 10’
  • Utah County Art Board, serving as President 2016-2019

We as a team keep a revolving show going 12 months of the year.  Many shows have 90 pieces of wonderful art in them, each month.